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Collecting posts on useful workflows for macOS. Link posts in this thread and I’ll consolidate.

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Maybe this is relevant, since it talks about solutions for macOS specifically.

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This is a great great great thread. I’m thinking of buying Keyboard Maestro. Hoping these still work.

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How to take advantage of autocompletion (and aliases) when wiki-wrap existing text (with Keyboard Maestro)

When I’m wiki-wrapping existing text, it’s easy to select, hit [[ and – boom! – that text is now a link. It’s magic. But sometimes, I’m not sure what the exact text is, or the text is “Luhmann” and I want it to link to a page entitled “Niklas Luhmann”, which has the alias, [Luhmann]. When I’m typing Luhmann, Obsidian’s brilliant autocorrection includes that option – [[Niklas Luhmann|Luhmann]] – but there is no autocorrection offered if you simply wrap the text.

But there is a simple workaround:

  1. Select the text
  2. ⌘X - Cut
  3. [[
  4. ⌘V - Paste

To make it even faster, I’ve created a Keyboard Maestro shortcut ⌘⌥[ that cuts the selected text to a named clipboard, prepends [[ and then pastes the cut text, at which point the autocorrection kicks in and you can see several possibilities. Here is a screenshot of the KM macro.


I’ve proposed this Small but big QoL: When linking a pre-existing word or phrase, display the note suggestion menu as a feature for Obsidian, which is very close to what you’ve built for KM here. Thank you, I’ll be using this until (hopefully) the devs implement the feature request!


This is a great little workaround! I re-created it as an Alfred workflow in MacOS:

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 9.41.43 PM


Here is my Alfred workflow file itself for importing:

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