Changing Obsidian’s appearance on the fly with Keyboard Maestro

To celebrate the creation of a macOS meta post, another km macro for quickly changing Obsidian’s appearance and default font.

There are 3 macros, actually. They work in the following way:

  1. set up a md file with the path of all your vaults.
  2. set up a md file with the path of all your favorite skins (a.k.a. CSS files)
  3. add your favorite font names to the fonts macro and make sure to adjust the css selectors.
  4. adjust the path to these files on the macros.


  1. the CSS macro will DELETE your current css file and replace it.
  2. be sure to select a vault before using the other two macros. If you want to perform another action on the same vault, there is no need to select it again.
  3. the CSS selectors on the font macro are adapted to my own CSS files; you might need to adjust them to yours.

Trying out the vault selection macro.

When I press the Try button I get the list with paths to the vaults. But when I click on 1 of them nothing happens. Or do I need to be in Obsidian to have it work?

If so, that brings me to the next question:
the hotkey does not work, i.e. the list with path to the vaults does not pop up. Nor does the 2nd hotkey you defined. And if I change the hotkey into something else, it still does not work.