Save and load workspaces (with Keyboard Maestro and macOS)

Here’s three macros for Keyboard Maestro on macOS. As ever, this is provided as-is, but I’ve tried to make it easy to set up.

Change the location of the vault in the yellow action on each macro before use.

  • Save workspace
    • Save Workspace asks you to specify a name for the current layout, then stores a copy of .obsidian/workspace in your Obsidian Vault in a new workspaces folder.
  • Open workspace
    • Open Workspace asks you to choose one of the workspaces you’ve saved. It looks up the workspace file saved as per above and replaces the current workspace file with that one, then reloads Obsidian. As a result, you get your saved set of notes and panes opened again.
  • Delete workspace
    • Delete Workspace deletes the selected saved workspace.

Please could you give me a head start. I cannot work out how to put this into Keyboard Maestro.

If you have KM installed then you can open the downloaded .kmmacros files and they should automatically install to KM. Mine landed in an obsidian folder

Thanks. So I did that and it worked like magic. Now do I just link a key combination to each?

That’s the idea. Note, though, that Obsidian now has built-in workspaces. You might not need these KM macros anymore!