Workspaces as panel/list (and or notes)

A possible solution to a bug i recently posted ( here ) that could also cover a number of feature requests and usecases: having an option (or making it default) to have a tab/list of workspaces like the ones listing folders, starred itens, tags and such.

In essence, making then objects that can be listed in the ui for easier and or more advanced management (also opening the chances for plugins to handle then through that) -or one step further making then like a special type of note (allowing for tags and more)

Use case or problem

Currently theres no note nesting or clustering options besides folders, and im used to have some topics (too many in fact) that are de facto childs of one another or that i like working with then side by side (and theres no easy way of having notes content side by side in one note, tables being too unwieldy for longform content that way)

I found out i could achieve that workflow partially through workspaces- notes on side by side panels- but for my use case that would mean A LOT of workspaces (for example one for every topic i subdivide in smaller notes)

  • The current workspace manager is bugged and goes beyond the screen past a certain point (as explained here )
  • searching workspaces is a bit too simple and non-advanced if someone uses too many of then, unlike the notes search

Proposed solution

1) Side Panel Workspaces Tab (optional)

a tab for side-panels that when toggled on would list then in the same fashion folders, tags and such can be listed- allowing for a list of then to be always visible, scrollable and clickable.

Even better if they could be filterable, receive tags and or have a foldable toggle- that upon unfolding revelead the names(as links) of open .md notes saved in then, if any.

That would also allow for renaming workspaces, a feature requested a number of times.

2) Workspaces as a Type of Note (preferred best solution)

Simply implementing then via .mds (or similar) using all or most of the features applicable to notes- only difference being their type designation, so that they would be treated separatedly from notes (not showing on notes lists or in the graph as notes).

Essentially making then gated notes in their own fence/space, not mixed with normal notes.

Specific Implementation:
  • workspaces when saved would insert in their ‘notes’ as links the names/links to all open files
  • any other specifics could be in a code block or front matter metadata, such as layout and or settings that are currently saved in workspaces
  • alternativelly they could use the current json used as a sidecar of sorts, keeping those settings separated if thats needed (i dont think that would be good tough)
  • update links one of the feature requests/bugs, if workspaces are implemented as notes any name changes and location(folder path) changes to files would be update globally, including updating the workspaces.
Additional Features
  • as ‘notes’ they could be taggable as such, filtered as such and so on (when searching for workspaces, to avoid mixing with notes)
  • description: allowing for text to be written (as theyre essentially notes), any text before or after the links lists would appear in previews and such as descriptions
  • foldable/nested toggle: in the same fashion as nested tags, the ui would read their internal links as child itens in a nest. That way someone could unfold workspaces to check the contents prior to opening one.

Not to mention that if theyre like notes and readable as such, users could even manually edit then- removing one of the links/assigned panels and such- even from outside of obsidian. Users using longseq alongside obsidian comes to mind- that way someone could be creating notes and saving/updating ‘workspaces’ even from longseq, that would already be in place and working when opening obsidian

Expanded Script/Plugin Possibilities

If workspaces become like a type of note, script makers could much more easily work with then- or even users apply currently existing plugins or css snippets to then.

For example i could easily see a easy to make plugin that would open a workspace ‘description’ (text beside links) as a sidebar scrathpad for every workspace (wich btw is another requested feature)

Plugins like dataview, templater and others would be able to manipulate then, further expanding on their potential- things like commands/actions to ‘add note/link to x workspace’ and so on. i can already see daily/weekly reviewers creating a dynamic workspace of a current week workspace

Optional implementation (non .mds)

i think making then like notes, as .mds, living in their own folder as just being fitlered out from notes would work best for everyone.

But if thats a problem for any reason they could use a similar extension- say txts, or even a fake abstract one (their contents still being plaintext markdown). That could come in handy for making obsidian ignore then in most cases it would look for .mds, but could still leave a sensible way for plugin makers to acess then.

i would rather go with mds, otherwise plugins would have to be updated or redone to acces/handle the workspace extensions besides mds

Current workaround (optional)

none im aware of

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