Load workspace per url scheme

It would be very useful to add an option to the url scheme to launch obsidian with a specific workspace setting.
At the moment I open different vaults per the url scheme. To do specific work it is easy with the new workspace plugin to have different layouts for different work. Since I start Obsidian often per url with an specific work in mind, it would be useful to start in the perfect layout directly rather than changing the workspace manually.


I was about to start a topic with the same request and just found this one. I would also find the option incredibly helpful. Here’s the (now not relevant) feature request I posted:

Use case or problem

I would love for Workspaces to be included in the Obsidian URI. Obsidian Workspaces are a powerful tool for automating layouts. It would open a lot of exciting possibilities for those layouts to be able to be called by an URI.


  • Open a “To-Do” workspace through the URI when you’re working on tasks
  • Trigger the workspace for a weekly review through a link in a task
  • With a click on a link, have Obsidian being opened in a workspace where your sidebars and tabs are ready for you to work with – your mindset and intention is set for you.

Proposed solution

Expand the current open action in the URI to open Obsidian in a specific workspace. For example: obsidian://open?vault=my%20vault&workspace=weeklyreview.

If I think about it. I could start making a plugin for this.

My new plugin is now available.

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