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As per this discussion (PopClip extension), Append should create a note when one already doesn’t exist.


“open” should create the file if it does not exist. This way inbound links can be prompts for easily creating new notes.
Perhaps open + a modifier, or “open+” to prevent accidental use?


Whatever command can create new notes, it should also be capable of setting the content of the created note. This allows for the easy templating of notes.


Edited the “new note” idea to point to this, thanks!

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Requested to be able to specify in url:

  • opening in new vs active pane
  • ability to close existing pane or all panes in which the given file is open.

Usecase: Running Obsidian side-by-side with spaced repetition software and presenting markdown files on screen during review sessions. Either to complement the process by up-to-date interlinked info or to fully substitute content of questions and answers currently stored outside of knowledge management system, while still utilizing advanced repetition algorithms like SuperMemo.

Related (but not belonging) requests:

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I like the new “new” action that also support content. But I would love to see a parameter “template” that copies the content from a template.

:+1: for adding this URL scheme syntax:



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I have a small plugin that enables part of this functionality, except it doesn’t create notes.

I can’t really publish it as it uses internals of the daily-notes plugin itself… But happy to share if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I’m interested @jplattel (mostly out of curiosity). I already have a pretty decent workaround using an Alfred workflow that opens the daily note. But I’d like to see how you did it.

Is there a limitation on the custom URL scheme that prevents it from activating the note creation function of today-note, or did you just decide not to implement?

You should still be able to publish it, shouldn’t you?

Just to mention that this already works with the nldates plugin since v0.4.0.

Another option is @Vinadon’s plugin Vinzent03/obsidian-advanced-uri which extends the URI syntax to include things like open today’s note natively without having to construct date strings. Related to the OP’s request, it can also append/replace data in the target note via URL parameters.