Block Referencing With URI

What I Think:

When I click a item url like this:
And then obsidian will open the myfile and then highlight the specific line contained the block id.

Now, we could use Obsidian://open?vault=myvault&file=myfile to open specific document. But it has no spport for blockid that will come in 0.9.5.

Why I think it is useful

I ever used URI to link pdf document to my notes in Obsidian. But it didn’t work well when I had long content in my note, and I just need to use some of it.

After block id is supported in obsidian, jumping to specific block/line in Obsidian from my pdfs seems possible now.


Great idea!

Support obsidian://open?vault=??&file=??#…^…

Outline notes are suitable for data integration, and obsidian is suitable for warehouse.

Locate the block or Heading of obsidian through third-party software.


My new plugin solves that