URI Scheme: Execute command

Use case or problem

As a user backing up my vault via git, I’d like a way of exporting it to my personal website in the pipeline.

Proposed solution

Add a URI Scheme parameter that allows executing commands in a headless obsidian, allowing me to call the obsidian webpage export plugin to create a nice export, which I can then deliver to Gitlab Pages as an artifact. I could imagine calling it like

Maybe add a timeout parameter with a default of a minute or something if the called command blocks because it’s an interactive command, unless of course you can just throw an exception from the respective plugin API calls opening dialogues when obsidian is in CLI mode.

Current workaround (optional)

Start the export from within obsidian and sync the exported data to Gitlab.

Related feature requests (optional)

Extension of the URI Scheme

Then part of Meta - URL Scheme Actions & Parameters

Kinda related to Is there an Obsidian library for rendering in a website? - #4 by tf2 although that one might be solved already by the webpage export plugin itself.

Possible dupe of Plugin API should allow to handle the callback of a url-callback-scheme

It is already possible for plugins to define their own custom uri actions.

also this

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