URI to link to folder containing notes

Use case or problem

As well as linking notes within a vault, I use links to Obsidian URIs to open notes across vaults, to external files, and even external folders. In one vault I have a folder containing a very dynamic set of notes, so I don’t want to link to a specific note, but simply have a link to open that folder

Proposed solution

Extend the uri-scheme for the open action parameters. Choose whichever is preferred between either:

  • file=folderpath
  • folder=folderpath

(where the folderpath is the path to the folder within the vault containing notes, optionally with uuencoded training slash if prefererred).

This should open the File Explorer navigation in the Sidebar with the nominated folder expanded. Optionally it could have a highlight flash like the “more option” on note content menu “reveal file in navigation”. For my purpose there is no need to change the note file currently in focus in the content pane.

Theoretically it could be used from the search action, or a new action such as explore could be created, but to my mind the open action seems like the appropriate place.

Current attempts (not working)

Just in case there was an undocumented feature, I did some tests.
The following fail with the error: File <folderpath> not found

  • [vault and file](obsidian://open?vault=MyNotes&file=FolderPath)
  • [file only](obsidian://open?file=FolderPath)
  • [file slash](obsidian://open?file=FolderPath%2F)

Hardly surprisingly this attempt to use a totally undocumented keyword fails with NO error:

  • [folder only](obsidian://open?folder=FolderPath)

I also tried the following, based on simple links rather than URIs, but they fail with the error: Folder already exists

  • [just link and slash](../FolderPath/)
  • [just link](../FolderPath)

Thanks for your consideration

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