Allow [[links]] to folders

I don’t think this has been explicitly requested previously. Similar posts exist here and here, but I don’t think they’re the same as this request.

I’ll try to make it simple: if a folder exists in the vault, you should be able to backlink to it—like [[Folder]].

This would make it easier to interlace folder-and-note setups for those of us using them. It’s also in line with how DEVONthink interprets [[wikilinks]]—not sure about other wikilink-supporting apps.


Love this idea!

I was about to make this request and gladly found this.

Although I am not yet quite sure how helpful my new practice of keeping a note with the entire hierarchy of my vault will be, I do know that if I could link to folders, things would be a lot easier to maintain.

I have a vault Tree of Content note that simply contains a hierarchical list of my vault. It is a little bit of work, but it keeps me honest and deliberate. One thing that I struggle with is that for folders, a name change is not reflected in my Tree of Content. And since it is re alphabetically sorted within explorer, sometimes it could be temporarily lost and not easily found.

In terms of creating these folder links, perhaps with the action of dragging a folder into a note, they would be created.


Below is a side note that I wanted to mention because of its relevance to my use case (will gladly edit out as I definitely am not intending to complicate your clear request)

How cool would it be if you could just drag your root vault folder into a note, and the entire vault was mapped including all links to notes and folders?


Note that there are a combo of community plugins for this feature: Folder Note and Folder Note Rename, I think.


Yes please! +1


Currently it is possible to link to folder this way:


Counterpoint: When you have a folder and multiple files within it with names similar to the folder now you are adding more “noise” to the search when trying to quickly add a simple link while writing a note.


Folder Note and Folder Note Rename are useful plugins but they do not address a simple link to a folder. A link to a folder should expose the folder in the Explorer.


Acknowledging @malecjan’s suggestion to link a folder with an external URI I would like to second the OP’s request for a simple internal way of linking to a folder in a vault, i.e. in the [[folder]] format.


+1 for this feature.
I see no reason why we should discriminate folders.


But which note would open when you click on the folder link?

Doesn’t Obsidian need to stay note-oriented?


You would focus and open the folder in the file and folder management pane of the left while staying on your note.


Is there a relative way? I tried [this course](../../School/course) it almost worked but it just says “folder already exist” instead of taking me there.

No, this uses the file system’s linking, so it can’t use relative links.

But if it says “folder already exist”, then IMHO it at least understands that relative link (and likely other relative links too, not tested). Then Obsidian just needs a tweak to do desired action (open folder as it does from absolute links). Is that correct?

No idea. Never assume something is simple to implement though!


+1 this.

Obsidian for me is a tool for better note taking and organising, not the only answer. My Mac is based on folders, I have a lot of different file types in my folders, not just .md files, and all of them is used in different ways. One of Obsidians strongest points is that you can link knowledge to each other with links. But since a lot of my knowledge is in other file formats I would like to see them in context to the .md files in the same folder.


Actually, it will say this on folders that don’t exist, too, if you try to use relative links like [[../somefolder]]. I think it’s a bit broken / not supposed to be used that way.

ryan told me to post here:

the workaround I’d use is an obsidian search link, like [folder](obsidian://search?vault=Vault&query=path:this/folder)



I don’t either support or unsupport this request.

I want to thank @miguelmarcos for referencing a beautiful plugin — Folder Note Plugin: Add description note to folder - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum.

It solves two issues I’ve had for a long time:

  • I couldn’t reference folders

  • I always had a problem with selecting appropriate name such default folder notes. I used: index, about, default, _index etc. Sometimes I would even pick the folder name itself for the default note name.

And this Folder Note plugin addresses both issues!

First, it autocreates the default folder notes, solving the naming problem. I opted to use the default configuration, i.e.: note name equals to the folder name + hide it in the file tree.

Second, now I can easily link my folders with [[, as the name of the link is the same as the folder. Which looks really natural:

So currently I hardly can imagine a scenario of linking folders in my system. But your mileage may very of course.


I don’t typically spend time in the forum much so not quite sure if a heart suffices as supporting the FR or if I need to do something else

To be clear, though, I support the linking of folders
Vote +1