Add setting to open "obsidian://" links: in new pane / in active pane

Each option has it’s use-cases.

  • in new pane in order to preserve a workspace in Obsidian, just like opening html file does not close tabs in internet browser.
  • in active pane in order to preview one-by-one links from other application which is open side-by-side with Obsidian, just like current browsing search results within Obsidian.

Proposed solution

E.g. checkbox in settings “open obsidian:// links in new pane”.
Also, add two hotkeys to change proposed setting conveniently in real time.
With one toggle hotkey it would be complicated to set reliably e.g. by AutoHotkey script.

Current workaround

Missing. Link always activates Obsidian and replaces file open in active pane (tested in v0.9.10 with custom css).

Related feature requests, …


I proposed this as an option for the url scheme.

Edit: Actually it is just a side note in my proposal about not opening notes twice.
Feel free to repurpose/reformulate/repost/split.

@Nils Sorry, I did not find that proposal when writing this one. I added your to section “Related feature requests”.

@malecjan Sorry for the late reply. I found it (was on mobile last time otherwise I would have linked to it directly). I edited my post to include the link.

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I agree this would be great. @malecjan my code builds the URI on the fly, so I would be able to use the html ‘target’ attribute you mention, but I couldn’t get it to work and I don’t see it documented on the URI help page, do you have an example that works? thanks!!

@gi0vanni Examples available from my previous link work well in Google Chrome for me. Original example opens link in new tab while changing “target” attribute from _blank to _self or _top changes the behavior as desired.

I did not test this in Obsidian as I did not consider it to be solution for my needs. Feel free to e.g. create separate feature request for support of “target” attribute in Obsidian if it does not work yet.

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thanks, I don’t seem to be able to make it work. In the meantime, I am pinning the daily page, so links to other pages open in a new pane by default. thanks!!