Open all links in a targeted pane

(Feature Request)

I wanna direct all new openings (or link followings as in Help doc; by link clicking or Ctrl/Cmd P) to a pre-selected TARGETED pane … until it is de-targeted.

Any one would need it in their workflow and managing of panes & layout. One example is clicking thru their todo’s (on backlinks or not).

My testings: Today the above is not doable via pane’s Pin or pane’s “Link with pane …”

Problems addressed

In an environment of having multiple panes opened, it is not convenient to monitor which panes were pinned not to mention of which had the last focus. Opening any links (from either within notes, their backlinks, search results) tends to cause:

  • the notes in pane-in-focus is replaced with new contents
  • newly opened link could land in just any of the panes

which could well be avoided if all panes were pinned (an alternative solution!) before the action of link opening.

The targeted pane is the only go-to for any opened links.

Always open today's daily note in the same pinned pane


Maybe I misunderstood what your goal is - but isn’t that already possible?

I understand your request as follows:

  1. you have a note opened (maybe an MOC) that contains a couple of links to related content;
  2. you want to click through these linked notes to check their content;
  3. when clicking, the link shouldn’t replace your active note but should be opened in a pane to the right of your overview note, for example;
  4. when clicking the next link, the newly opened note should replace the note in this right pane.

→ is that what you mean?

If so, you can just pin your overview note via a personally defined shortcut. All links you click will now not replace your active note but open in a new pane. As long as this new pane is not actively pinned by you, all further clicks will replace its content.

If I completely misunderstood your request, could you give some clarification of your use case?

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Added a problem statement to the main post.

The request covers the in-notes as you mentioned and also links from the panels of global search and backlinks. Links opened from Ctrl/Cmd O (Quick Switcher) too.

I’m also looking for something like this. I have multiple monitors and pinned notes open on each. I would like to set a “target window” per pinned note, or somehow indicate at click-time where I want the window to open. Thus far I’ve been dragging links to the title bars to get things to open in the right places.

@pucklynn If you use multiple windows, then it is not officially supported yet. It partially works rather as workaround / by accident (just like some other unsupported features).
You could try to extend one window over multiple screens instead. Or get one larger monitor or support / wait for official solution requested/discussed in Floating \ Pop-out \ Multiple windows of the same vault

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