Always open today's daily note in the same pinned pane

I always have my daily note pinned in the topleftmost pane.
But each morning my workflow is a bit cumbersome:

  1. Remember to unpin yesterday’s note
  2. Click the Open Today’s Note button
  3. Repin today’s note

Ideally I would just need to click the Open daily note button (or use the associated keyboard shortcut) and that would update the same pane with today’s new note, not open it in a new pane. Or even better, the daily notes plugin would prompt me to do this the first time I open Obsidian on a new day.

I’m not sure of the best way to implement this. Perhaps treating today’s daily note as a special type of pane.



One way to implement this could be to add the ability to pin folders, ie to restrict a pane to only opening links from a certain folder (presumably your daily notes folder). Whenever you try to open a link to a note from anywhere in the app, if there is a pane that is pinned to the folder that the note is in, then that pane would behave as if it is not pinned during this situation. In code, you could do that by altering the functionality of a pin or by automatically un-pinning and re-pinning affected panes (exactly as OP is doing).

This would be pretty useful functionality for MOCs too. In addition to folder-pinning, you could also do tag-pinning, where a pane can only open notes with a given #tag.

I also would like to be able to pin a daily note and have the pin advance each day to the next daily note. Perhaps an alias? The alias always points to the current daily. Allow us to pin the alias rather than the actual daily note. BTW, the thing I want to pin this way is the outline of the current daily note.

+1 To the op idea

+1 was really hoping I’d search for this and already find a solution

Anu news regarding this feature request, I also would really like this kind of functionality.

I would love to see this feature, too. Preferentially, I’d be able to always have two panes fixed to show the current and next day.

I’m new to daily notes, and quickly found I’d like this feature as well.

An interesting way to tackle this could be to add the ability to pin a note into the templating system. So I could add “PINME” to my template, and voila.

+1 would be great