Ability to rename workspaces after creation

When creating a workspace from your current configuration you give it a name and save it.

Lets say i wanted to rename my workspace, no changes to the pages/pane configurations, just the name of the workspace itself.

to do this i have to open the existing workspace, save it as a copy with a new name and then delete the prior version instead of just renaming the workspace in the menu.

Not really something i deal with too often but figured its more of a “polish” type feature request :slight_smile:


Hello everybody (since it’s my first post on the Forum :slight_smile: )

I second this feature as a quality of life improvement.
Also, I’d love to be able to assing hotkeys to my workspaces. Right now we can set a hotkey to trigger the workspace switching pane, and it’s great, but being able to assign individual hotkeys for each of my workspaces would be even quicker. Nothing fancy, just Cmd+1, Cmd+2 etc…
I tried searching the forum for this feature request, but didn’t find one. So here it is :smiley: