Quote from Safari/Chrome to Obsidian with Keyboard Maestro on macOS

There are many solutions out there for clipping text from the web into Obsidian. If you use Keyboard Maestro on macOS, this one might be the simplest and most customizable of all.

This Keyboard Maestro macro takes selected text in either Safari or Chrome and places it in your clipboard in the following form:

> quoted text
    - [Website title](website link)

The result looks like:

(Depending, of course, on your theming!)

Here’s what the macro looks like:

And here’s an exported version for you to import into Keyboard Maestro.


Thanks for this! I modified it so that it’ll work with or without a text selection and also changed the format slightly.

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@michaelhauser, this is great!

I took it one step further by installing clipdown from https://github.com/jhuckaby/clipdown. This tool converts clipboard test to markdown. My Keyboard Maestro macro extends your work by saving to the clipboard either a) the title and location of a web page (if no text is selected), or the selected text formatted as markdown and the title/location fo the web page.

In addition to your work, my macro builds on a technique described in the KM forum (using the ClipboardSeed() function) for determining whether the clipboard has changed so as to determine whether any text is selected when the macro is invoked.

– Robert


Thanks for this macro, Ryan. Just tweaked it to suit my purposes and am very much liking it.

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I’d love to test your macro, would you please share the file?

Sure, see attached. Though it’s still in there, note that I’ve commented out the reliance on Clipdown after the release of Obsidian 0.10.1, which natively supports the conversion on HTML to Markdown.

– Robert

Quote to Obsidian.kmmacros.zip (2.2 KB)