Alfred Snippet for @mitzimbj's Daily Notes Breadcrumb Trail

@mitzimb describes their Daily Notes scheme including a breadcrumb trail created using espanso. I really liked the idea of the breadcrumb trail but I’m a dedicated Alfred user, so I made a Snippet to populate it.

Here’s the snippet that will create the breadcrumb trail:
< [[{date -1D}]] [[{date +1D}]] >

which inserts this into the edit pane (imagine it’s purple except the < and >):
< [[2020-07-10 Friday]] [[2020-07-12 Sunday]] >

and shows like this in preview
< 2020-07-10 Friday 2020-07-12 Sunday >


Type the shortcut for your Snippet into your Daily Note wherever you want it to appear. I have mine at the top like @mitzimbj. It would be nice to put it in your Daily Notes template, the Dynamic Placeholders that fill in the actual dates don’t get executed when your Daily Note is created in Obsidian from the template.

Setting it up:

Making this work requires three things to be configured the same:

  1. Your Daily Notes Date Format in Obsidian Daily notes settings
  2. Your MacOS Medium (or Short) date format set in System Preferences
  3. Your Alfred Snippet to reference Medium (or Short) date format set in System Preferences. {date} which I used references the Medium date format.

You’ll create a snippet with this text as modified based on the rest of these instructions as the content to insert:
< [[{date -1D}]] [[{date +1D}]] >

You have to set the MacOS Medium date format to whatever your daily notes date format is in System Preferences > Language and Region > Advanced > Dates unless you want to use the Short date format. Long and Full do not seem to be supported by Alfred’s Dynamic Placeholders.

The example shown is based on my Obsidian Daily Note Date Format:

I just used the characters < and > for the back and forward indicators.


I liked this idea but I didn’t want to modify my macOS wide date settings. I found out that Alfred supports date formatting too! So I went ahead and adjusted it a bit so I didn’t have to change my macOS global date settings:

[[{date -1d:YYYY-MM-dd}|← Yesterday]] ┃ [[{date +1d:YYYY-MM-dd}|Tomorrow →]]