Backup your notes! (Do so automatically with Keyboard Maestro on macOS)

For everyone: this is a simple reminder that you should back up your notes. Cloud services are not a replacement for backups—in particular because changes to files synced to e.g., Dropbox or OneDrive propagate to the “backups,” too. Some of these services have quasi-backup features, like file rollback, but nothing beats the simple dependability of keeping a copy of your stuff somewhere else.

If you’re on macOS using Keyboard Maestro, I’ve created a simple macro that will create regular backups for you.

It is incredibly simple:
Every three hours, copy my notes directory to a folder on an external drive under a timestamp.


Obviously, you will need to edit step 2/2 to get the files from your Notes and to direct KM to copy them to a backup directory.

Download it here.


I was about to post my macro for this same purpose yesterday!
I will do it now in another thread :wink:

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thanks @ryanjamurphy - super helpful.

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thanks @ryanjamurphy , I don’t have to manually rclone sync my markdown because of your sharing

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