Keyboard Maestro Daily Journal Template

I recently moved my Daily Journal process from DEVONthink to Obsidian.

Through a combination of Applescript and Shell commands I have automated the creation of the Journal via a Keyboard Maestro macro.

Along with some standard Categories such as Weather (via, Daily Quotes and News Headlines (via DEVONthink RSS feeds) I wanted to add in Today’s Events from Calendar and due tasks from Reminders.

Unfortunately the process to extract Calendar Events via Applescript is notoriously slow. Luckily by using icalBuddy via a Shell script this process is much quicker. The icalBuddy approach does not allow for a direct link to the Calendar Event but I included a link to the App for both the Mac and iOS version.

Getting Reminders Tasks can also be slow but this process can be improved if you regularly delete completed tasks. The Applescript I use creates an entry in Obsidian listing the Reminders List and Task Name with a direct link to the Task that works on both platforms.

As per usual it is a continual work in progress but if interested the Keyboard Maestro Macro that I use can be downloaded here.


The topic of daily journal templates is very interesting == this one is well done, @ijd65 ! Thank you.

Would you like to share how exactly you get the calendar from the MacOS calendar into Obsidian? That alone would be super useful.


I created an AppleScript to link to Today’s Events but it runs quite slowly ( a known issue with Calendar). If anyone is interested in this give me a shout.

icalBuddy is a utility that you can install that speeds up the process greatly. The Command I use in the Keyboard Maestro Macro is;

/usr/local/bin/icalBuddy -npn -ec Contacts -eep notes -b “* " eventsFrom:”${KMVAR_d} 00:00:00" to:"${KMVAR_d} 23:59:59"

KBM then pastes the result into the Daily Note.

Hope this helps


The link in the post is not working and I can’t edit it. Keyboard Maestro Macro can be found here