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Wow, thanks! :smiley:

Since last time, I really wanted it to be a left-hand hotkey only, since I use it so much. Updated it to Ctrl + § on my Swedish keyboard. The key, to the left of 1. Have become sort of like an universal tweakable hotkey for me, that I adjust on all software I use.

Usually use § for zooming in and Shift + § for zooming out. In all of my apps. Or navigating in and out of things. So I set Shift + § to Navigate Back hotkey in Obsidian and I make a Ctrl + Left mouse button click when only clicking §.

Doing this makes it very fast to create links, then navigate between them. Navigating fast through your second brain. :grimacing: Don’t even have to see my folders and files anymore.

$^Sc029:: ; Internal link with Ctrl+ §
Send {`[}
Send {`[}

$+Sc029:: ; Navigate back with shift + §
Send ^!{Left}

$Sc029:: ; Follow link under cursor with §
send ^{LButton}

At the moment, not sure if I’m going to have the § key for Ctrl clicking buttons or for Ctrl+E. Switching between preview and edit. I might be using that even more…


That’s a nice workflow. I understand the fascination with the key before the 1 it’s ~ for me and I also tend to use it mostly for shortcuts. But now that you mention it using it for something similar in all apps makes quite a bit of sense. Always nice to see other people’s way of working, one always ends up learning something.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m one of those Wacom tablet guys, so whenever I can skip using my right hand for hotkeys it’s a big time saver for me. Like, hitting Alt and moving my right hand up to the 7 key and hit two times, then hand back down to Wacom. Not fast! If there was a way to move your selection to different links in your document, then maybe we could skip the mouse or pen in Obsidian. Or maybe that’s what Vim keys are for? I found this page for Vim keys. Maybe we could use it with AutoHotKey, to go into Vim mode, do a Vim shortcut, then move straight back into regular mode.

move your selection to different links in your document

Not quite sure what you mean by that. You mean like jumping from link to link like we can on a browser (with accessibility at least). If that’s the case, albeit not seamless, but you can perhaps use the search in current note hot key and search for [[ especially if the sequence can be automated with autohotkey since that could allow this kind of jumping at least in the editor mode.

Hello fakepilot, I’'m on 0.8.4 and this command does not work. I have to highlight the [[link]] using the mouse before it works. The [[link]] needs to have an underline when you hove the mouse for it to work. could you check this? I like to use only the keyboard to wander around connected notes.

One solution is to make mouse follow the position of the text cursor before sending the ^{LButton}.

Yeah, true, that was my intention. With a Wacom pen you can hover without touching the tablet, then click with left hand § instead of putting the pen down. Still, I don’t use it now. I find it’s faster to switch between edit and preview with § and click whenever I want to go down. So I do a lot of switching instead and make internal links like crazy, jumping between different topics.

However, if you like the keyboard workflow. You can follow link under cursor with Alt + Enter and that hotkey can be changed within Obsidian Hotkey settings. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tip! Here is the updated script

$^:: ; Internal link with Ctrl+ § Send {[}
Send {`[}

$+`:: ; Navigate back with shift + §
Send ^!{Left}

$`:: ; Follow link under cursor with §
Send !{Enter}

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There should be hotkey to navigate autocomplete lists (e.g. when making note links). This should be Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N to follow typical behaviour.


Custom hotkeys to open specific files we can choose. E.g I have a note called Habits which I’d like to do ctrl + h.

Hotkey for inserting internal links for selected text.
e.g. If I select the text New Note and press the hotkey, it becomes [[New Note]].

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This request for heading hotkeys wasn’t in the list at the top, linking it here for completeness:

This sounds like what I am searching for at the moment. I want to:

  • Select some text within a note (via keyboard or mouse),
  • execute a command (via hotkey or mouse right-click menu) which,
  • creates a new note file named from the selected text,
  • and modifies the selected text to link to the new file.

I am on a Mac. Perhaps I could write a Keyboard Maestro macro to do this.

There are a few plugins that tackle some of the things requested here. There’s a small running list here:

But you should also checkout the community plugins in the settings.

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I wrote a KM macro for this a while back, here: Transclude Me (KM macro on OSX)

But tbh it sometimes flakes out on me.

I noticed at least one new plug-in that seems to be targeting this but I have not yet had a chance to try it out: Note extractor, from @J_L

@gtdandy the Note Refactor plugin should provide the functionality you are looking for.

@randulfr there is actually an open feature request to replace the extracted content with a transclusion of the content in the newly created note ![[extracted content note]] rather than replace extracted content with an internal link to the new note [[extracted content note]] which is the current functionality. Feel free to comment on it.


Note Refactor does exactly what I want as it currently works. I do not want the data Transcluded, although I guess removing the bang (excuse me, “exclamation mark”) from the front of the link wouldn’t be that difficult.

I don’t know how I missed Note Refactor – I thought I had thouroughly looked through the third party plug-ins for a solution.

BTW, the reason I want this function is I often write long text notes and only see things that require a page of their own later.


GTD Andy

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I am totally disappointed, what is the use of Markdown for editor, when the App can’t be used without mouse?

I am requesting an Obsidian which is fully Keyboard-able.
I find it difficult to use mouse and keyboard at same time, was not Obsidian made keeping in mind the Programmers?.

There could be several ways:

  • WASD or Arrow keys navigation like in Handsets.
  • Tab , Shift+Tab navigation.
  • Long press alt or F6 press the prompt numeral like in MS word.
  • Full, All-Round Hotkeys to access each nook and corner.
  • Combination of above.

Hoping, it will receive approval… :slightly_smiling_face::

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Use case or problem

Please allow users to set Function keys, INS
key and such other keys as hotkeys without Modifiers.

This request is 100% justified.

Reasons in support:

  • Mono keys are better than Combi keys. Users with physical inaccessibility will appreciate it.
  • Function keys are language/Keyboard layout agnostic (=indifferent). Users who switch between RTL LTR and who use non-english keyboard, will appreciate it.
  • Function keys are snappy and take less time.
  • expecting some more from visitors

Proposed solution

I invite users to share what they would like to have as defaults to Funtion Keys.

My preferred settings.

These are settings and features I prefer. Some might require new Request.

  • F1 : for Syntax Help (via drop down menu) in active cursor state in Editor Mode, and Help vault in any other case.
  • F2: for file rename (as earlier).
  • F3: for switching between Editing and Previewing Mode.
  • F4: for opening graph.
  • Long Press F4: for opening local graph.
  • F5: to open Settings.
  • F6: Open File Tree Navigator i.e. Panes on the Left-Hand Side.
  • Long Press F6: to open Starred Notes.
  • F7: to Search+Replace in current focused Note. [My idea is Search+Replace will suffice for just Search.]
  • Long Press F7: Search+Replace Globally across vault.
  • F8: To open Quick Switcher.
  • F9: To open Command Palette.
  • F10: To open Panes on the Right-Hand Side.
  • F11: To Start Presentation.

Current workaround


Here are some topics which others created in to support the arguments I mentioned above.

I request @moderators , please not to flag it as duplicate, as I am putting in effort to make it a Meta Post.

@ViaAhmed This has already separate request here: Single key hotkeys (context sensitive)

@lizardmenfromspace Could already implemented items be e.g. strike-through or grey in original post? Now it does not allow to distinguish pending requests from archived no longer relevant items without opening each link. For example: