Plugin directory


As it might be difficult to keep this list for very long, you might want to check the obsidian-md and obsidian-plugin topics in GitHub too.

How to install


  • The plugin folder may not exist, so you’ll need to create it.
  • my plugin is a folder that matches the name of the plugin. Developers will usually provide their releases in a zip folder, which you only need to extract in the plugin folder of the previous step.
    As an example, my notes vault has the following plugins:

In order to keep track plugins that are in active development or are being planned, and so you can find other developers to collaborate with, this thread will collect links to where those discussions are taking place.

Off-topic and meta discussions will be moved here: Plugin directory discussions. The focus is on plugins that plan to use the Plugin API, so external integrations (e.g. AutoHotkey, Keyboard Maestro, etc.) will be moved to the meta-discussion too.

Please use the following format:

Plugin name

Short summary of the plugin idea


Add links where other devs or users can contact you to collaborate or discuss ideas (e.g. other forum posts and/or your GitHub repo or issues).

Plugins with alpha API (0.9.7+)

Note utilities


Plugins by category (Volcano/Console hacks)

Note utilities


Text expansion

Improved search




To-do Apps


Extract note

This script will get current selection, create a note, and post content inside of it.

  • First line of selected text will be a filename.
  • All others - content


Copy note URL

Brings “Copy note URL” action into the command palette. It will put


in your clipboard


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Backlinks sidepane at the bottom of the document

A very hacky thing to bring backlinks section at the bottom of the document.


Git Backup

Sync a vault with a GitHub repo.

(Contact @b3u on discord)

Related Posts

Ctrl+Enter to toggle TODO

This snippet will add a keyMap for toggling TODOes in EDIT MODE


Quick jump to links

Allows quickly open a link inside of note using hotkeys.


Search This

Gets current text selection and make a global search with this text


Expander: Search and include list of notes

Get a text in document, run search with it and replace the line with ![[NotesName]] which was found.


Unmap Ctrl+C in Vim mode

Right now you can’t copy to system clipboard in Vim mode. That’s workaround for that.


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Better Word Counter

Count how many words and characters you highlighted in your text.


Better Zoom On Azerty Keyboard

Allow the zoom handling with an AZERTY keyboard. Global commands also available.

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RTL Support

This plugin adds a “Switch Document Direction” command which enables RTL (right-to-left document direction) support. This makes it considerably easier to work on Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi documents etc.
The RTL direction is not just text alignment, it’s the real deal, courtesy of the CodeMirror RTL mode.


Vimrc Loader

A treat for Obsidian Vim-mode users, this plugin loads an Ex commands file, .obsidian.vimrc, and executes them every time Obsidian opens a file.
This provides a vimrc-like functionality that enables persistent key maps, macros and other supported settings.



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