Plugin directory discussions

This thread contains off-topic and meta discussion of the Plugin directory

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I’m not sure should we post something like this in Plugin directory

I think the plugin directory should be for things that are using the plugin API (more like internal vs external integrations).


Obsidian Workflow

An Alfred workflow for MacOS users with the Alfred powerpack to run commands for Obsidian.

Currently Features:

  • open vault graph
  • open today’s note
  • open new note (an optional argument for what the note will be titled)


new functionality ideas welcome via GitHub issues on the repo

It might be nice to also occasionally take all feature requests and plugins ideas and create MOCs for them here on the forum. I do see that people occasionally do this and obviously nothing is stopping me, but maybe people would be more likely to review and add on to ideas that are oldies but goodies.

This is not to discount the functionality of discourse, and the high quality interaction and moderation that occurs here. Honestly, I think it is great, but sometimes I am lazy.

You should add “sliding panes” (a.k.a. Andy Mode) plug-in.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve updated the list!

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