Couple of small Volcano plugins

I’m currently on a vacation so I had some time to try writing some minimal plugins to obsidian using the Volcano API. I thought that I might share these with the forum if anyone else needs these:



Thanks a lot, I’m going to try it out.
The fullscreen feature is actually something I was going to ask in Feature request.

@Razum This is amazing, thank you so much for building this

I love the fullscreen plugin. I just created an issue on github as a feature request

to work similarly to Collapsible Side bar from Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks

I thought it be better to write that out on github, but feel free to let me know if you prefer me to be more specific on this forum, or if github is fine

Thank you!

@Razum I’m curating a list of available/planned plugins over here: Plugin directory in case you want to add a bit of description to this post (and maybe cross-post there).


that’s awesome thanks for putting that list together!