Quick jump to links using hotkeys

While we not have Plugin API exploring the code itself. Have an idea for a plugin to quick jump between links.


Have to say that’s a pretty damn cool PoC there.

Is it inspired by things like Vimium, by any chance?

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Yes. I’m vim-user. Browser with Vimium, bash with Ranger file manager. IDE with vim plugin support.

So yeah, definitely inspired by those.

Just update how it works just now.


Source code can be found here - https://github.com/mrjackphil/obsidian-plugins


This is amazing! Thank you so much for bulding this. As someone who uses vimum everyday this is extremly useful.

I tested it with the copying .js to console method (as shown in the github page.)

But since it needs to be done everytime I decided to test volcano to set it up and it works perfectly.

I’ll keep an eye for setting it up on every update as well

I can’t say how excited I am for the official plug API to see this amazing project grow!

Hey @mrjackphil I’m not sure I accidently broke it, or if this is not currently supported in version 0.9.7

This is by far my favorite plugin, would love to test it out with the new API if possible.

If not I’m happy to continue using it volcano


Now works with 0.9.7 and official alpha Plugin API


thanks a lot, I was running it in the console everytime, so happy to have this as a plug in!

I really appreciate the option to choose between “Modal” and “PopOvers”

I definitely see the case for using one or the other depending on the type of note!

Thanks you so much!

I would like hotkeys “Jump to previous link” and “Jump to next link” with respect to position of caret in edit mode. (because I do not now how to specify “caret”/cursor position in preview mode).
It would allow me to “browse” pinned list-files like index/structure/“MOC”, materialized backlinks/search results, …
I think it could be simple extension for this plugin.

Related request: Hotkeys to jump between links in a note

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The latest update 0.2.0 brought a regexp-based jump (thanks to @jsonMartin).

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I really like this plugin. However, it no longer works for me using the new live preview editor. Is there any plan to update the plugin to work with the new editor? Thank you!

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It should work, now :slight_smile: