Meta - Alpha Plugin List (0.9.7+)

You most likely don’t need this thread to find new plugins (you should first check the community plugins page in the settings), but just in case I’ll keep updating this from time to time.

If the plugins available in the community plugins page don’t fit what you need, feel free to search for existing proposals in #plugins.

This a meta post to collect and share plugins that are using the new API! The old Plugin directory will be kept as an archive for the Volcano (RIP) and console hacks. Feel free to comment with plugins not included in this list!

For how to install, where to find plugins, and how to receive updates, please see: Plugins mini FAQ.

Plugins with alpha API (0.9.7+)

Note utilities




Todo Apps


Table Editor Plugin to simplify navigating, formatting, and manipulating markdown tables.


Shouldn’t the note refactor plug-in be in this list too?

Sorry I might have missed it, although I thought I added all of @mrjackphil’s plugins. Can you share a link? I’ll add it to the index

@argentum: it is not from mrjackphil, but from James Lynch (@J_L).

My bad, I thought you meant this one:

Can’t find this on

@mrjackphil @Klaas added both now!


@argentum, @J_L well done.

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Todoist Sync Plugin (v1.5.0) is now ported onto the official API :grin:


Now also Support loading Vim commands from configuration (vimrc-style) is ported to the official API.

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re: Add cross-links between notes 19

This works the opposite direction to what I had thought.
i.e. you highlight the [[note]] run the command and then it inserts the [[<link]] of the current note into the note highlighted, providing that the [[note]] exists already.
Is there a way to autocreate the file when you create it via [[ ]]?

Is there a way to add a block of [[links]] to the bottom of a note of all the notes that reference that note?