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Yeah, I knew, I forgot to mention a link to yours, But this has more details, I have presented more arguments.
In addition to that it has more other hidden request,
for e.g. Currently as of 2020-12-13T18:30:00Z, Obsidian do not have an option to set Hotkey for Starting Presentation, And I have suggested one.

My bad, I gave a narrow heading. Thanks

I was searching for, how to make keyboard navigation easier, though it is not better than direct hotkey navigation, but, It will be better than using mouse.
here I will try to curate possible solutions, or JS libraries which may help to make it easier to implement.

I went ahead and strikethrough the ones you listed. I don’t mind doing this but someone has to notify me that a hotkey request has been fulfilled.


Next and previous day hotkeys in the journal would be super useful.

Exactly. What is the design choice for not allowing Function keys?

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Please, add this feature request to the list:

Thanks a lot!

I’d like to be able to change the hotkeys for Next and Previous when using Find.

macOs uses cmd+G and cmd+shift+G universally for these, so F3 and shift+F3 are quite a context shift.

Hotkey for creating code blocks. I’m used to doing this in Slack with Option+Shift+Command+C

The Code block from selection plug-in provides a hotkey.


We shouldn’t need a plugin to set a hotkey for creating code blocks.

Same for this feature request: Include an option to toggle both sidebars as a hotkey. It has been archived because the proposed solution is to use a Windows-only third-party software. Well no, sidebars are UI parts and a hotkey to toggle both at the same time needs to be implemented. Can’t go in “focus mode” / “clean view” / “fullscreen” without it.