Include an option to toggle both sidebars as a hotkey

Use case or problem

If I’m in “writing mode” I want to hide both of the sidebars, because I’m only interested in the notes on the screen.

But when I’m in “navigating mode” (e.g. I’m searching / referring to my files / looking at graphs and tags etc), then those sidebars on the left and right are useful.

Proposed solution

Include an option to toggle both sidebars as a hotkey.

Current workaround

Toggle both sidebars individually or click “collapse / expand” manually :cry:

Related feature requests

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I like your idea.

In case you are unaware of text expanders, something like AutoHotkey on Windows or Keyboard Maestro for macOS allows you to set a hotkey that would trigger the hotkey for toggle left pane then wait a quarter of a second and trigger the hotkey for toggle right pane. It is actually very easy to learn and helpful for many things.


Ah thank you. I’ll look into that, sounds like a good solution to my problem.

And I’m sure I can think of some other “sequence of shortcuts” that could be triggered by something like AutoHotkey.

Indeed. In fact, I have the same shortcut (cmd+`) bound to a “clean view” action in many of my apps. It generally always toggles sidebars, menu bars, etc.

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I liked the idea, so I made it


IfWinExist, ahk_exe obsidian.exe
Send !,
Sleep 30
Send !.

Ctrl + 1 would trigger it
Alt + , and Alt + . are set to toggling each side pane


Thank you, it works!

So many ideas with autohotkey… now I just need to learn how to build my own scripts haha. Seems simple enough by using your script as a template though, as I will just use it to automate sequence of hotkeys set up in Obsidian.

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Yeah AHK has a lot of potential, and is so fun. I don’t know much about coding, it’s just autohotkey is so simple that makes it possible for non-programmers like us to automate.
I made mine from someone else’s template too so no worry :smile:

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