Provide default shortcuts for more hotkeys

Use case or problem

Several core shortcuts that I use all the time (“Close all other panes”, “Toggle left sidebar”, “Toggle right sidebar”, etc) don’t have a default key combination set. Problems with this :

  • A new user who wants to (or needs to, if they have certain disabilities) use hotkeys needs to think and make a decision for every shortcut before they can use them.
  • A new user who might not initially think about using hotkeys will be less likely to use them and miss on faster ways to use the app.
  • A user with multiple vaults needs to reconfigure hotkeys for the different vaults.
  • It adds friction when communicating with other users or with the Obsidian team because you can’t just give shortcuts as “aliases” for the features they represent (or as steps when giving out help directions), you need to name the feature and tell where it’s located.

Proposed solution

Set default hotkeys for all (or at least “most commonly used”) core shortcuts like most apps.

I’m happy to help with this if it’s deemed worth doing.

Current workaround (optional)

You have to do this manually which is error prone and tedious.

Related feature requests (optional)

This is related to Meta Post - Hotkeys - #47 by subie but I’m filing the FR separately because I thought it would make it easier to triage.