Shortcuts / hotkeys for headings

I would like to be able to set custom shortcuts for headings.

For example, I would use Cmd-1 (Cntrl-1) to set the paragraph as heading 1, Cmd-2 for heading 2 etc. At the moment, the shortcut options page does not allow that.

I use these shortcuts all the time in other software, like text editors (LibreOffice) and some other markdown editors.


Update january 2023: it is now possible to have shortcuts for headings without a plugin. It is built-in, just go to Setting - Hotkeys, search for “set as heading”.


Yes, is it available in obsidian?

This would be nice to have. Sometimes I use even 6 level headers in a document and typing ###### becomes tedious.


Level 6 makes up the majority of my headings … imagine counting 1…2…3…4…5…6 to create each of them.

I do not rely on text expander.

I think this is a key issue.
In many word processors creating a headline requires invoking a program function. In markdown, it is simply a text expansion (or conversion).
Wysiwyg markdown editors, and a few others, have put in buttons and shortcuts for them - but what is written in the document is still a simple text expansion.

For h1-h3, typing the required number of #s is quicker than most “shortcuts”, but obviously not when you reach h6 and have to count precisely. But it is still just a test expansion.

Personally, I’d prefer to save official Obsidian shortcuts for Obsidian commands rather than text expansion.

Obviously, I do use a text expander, which has the advantage of working in all programs, because I agree that counting h6 is an unnecessary pain.


I actually would love that. This is also perfect for vim normal mode.

On top of that, it would be great to change the relative level of the heading with a hotkey. That is, hotkeys for increasing or decreasing the level.

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This would definitely be helpful. Thanks.

I hadn’t seen this post when I made this request recently: Indent driven auto heading creation mode

Part of the issue I think might be deciphering which heading level your are at after the fact. Identifying the size or counting up to 3 hashtags is easy, but after that it requires a little more focus.

Maybe both for this and my request it would, for example, temporarily show “H6” rather than 6 hashtags, at least while editing. This would be similar to the way certain themes change to the pills for tags while in edit mode. But maybe, only while in this mode the hotkeys would work. This would open up the convenient keys like tab or arrows.

I love headings and hope they will be a little easier someday. It won’t take much.

You can try the plugin “shortcuts-extender”: for change the heading level of the text, just place the cursor on the line whose heading level you want to change and press ctrl+1 - ctrl+6


Thanks, that’s helpful.

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I am migrating from Bear and one of my most used hotkeys is for formatting a line into a heading as requested here.

Thanks to this thread I just installed the community plugin Shortcuts Extender. I then was thrilled (yes ecstatic like) to find that in the settings for Obsidian I could adjust the default hotkey for this new feature I just installed to match what it is in the Bear App I’m so used to:

  • option+command+1 = Heading 1
  • option+command+2 = Heading 2
  • etc.
    Reviving this as it really is such a helpful hotkey/shortcut key and so that Shortcuts Extender gets some love since it hasn’t been updated since March.

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