Hotkey to toggle Pinning on/off

Title says it all :slight_smile: would be great to be able to toggle editor pane Pinning on/off via a keyboard shortcut.


Yes please!

I third this, especially since pinning has been hidden behind more options now so it added an extra step to one of the functions I use the most.


+1 for mac, I copy/paste back and forth between notes a lot, this would be helpful

Plus one!

In Obsidian 0.7.4 It is available in list of hotkeys as “Toggle pin”.

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It will be great if you could show any of the hidden buttons on the fence.


In the Obs hotkey section there is Toggle pin which can be set by the user.


I don’t really want to remember another kb shortcut

Can we just have an option in settings [in case some don’t like it],
To have the Pin Icon be a toggle.

It stays where it is and changes colour when enabled / disabled

There is plenty of space for it, and it’s a well used required feature when using Obsidian