Single key hotkeys (context sensitive)

e.g. allow keys F1 … F12 alone without modifiers (Ctrl,Shift,…) to be used as shortcuts.

use cases:

  • toggle search text box by first press of “F3”, consecutive pressing jumps to next occurrence. (reformulated to separate feature request: When search box is hidden then pressing F3 should display it like in Google Chrome)

  • toggle edit mode by pressing “F2”.

  • keyboard-only navigation when in edit mode: when pressing Enter with caret inside link [[here]] or [](here), navigate to target of the link. As keyboard-only alternative to Ctrl+click and more ergonomic than Alt+Enter.

  • using standard letter keys for navigation in preview mode when there is no risk of writing anything: Preview Mode "Keyboard Only" Navigation

Current possible workarounds:

  • (1) Obsidian-only is described in: Unable to set a hotkey to F1 (post #3)
  • (2) AutoHotkey or Keyboard Maestro allows to simulate complex hotkey triggered by simple keypress. Context sensitivity is still missing. For example I am not able to distinguish edit/preview mode of active pane.
  • (3) Perhaps Third party plugins might be able to intercept keyboard input. I do not have sufficient knowledge to determine this.

keywords: ergonomy, hotkey, keyboard, shortcut, speed


+1 for this

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Yes, please! Was totally shocked today that I couldn’t map F3 without modifiers to the Text Snippets plugin. I’m so used to text expansion using F3 from LibreOffice that I wanted this in Obsidian, too.

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This would improve the experience.

+1 for being able to set F keys. After all, that’s exactly what they are there for: To be used as shortcuts.


Is there [quote=“malecjan, post:1, topic:3322”]
Third party plugins

Is there a third party plugin to solve this problem?

As a workaround, you can edit the:

/.obsidian/hotkeys.json file specifying modifier as “”

  "workspaces:save-and-load": [
      "modifiers": [
      "key": "F12"

I don’t know if this limitation is under the radar of the developers


Any news on this ?

hahaha, I was just going to say exactly this!! That’s the specific reason they exist and we can’t map them!! It’s also odd that f2 is a default, but none others, and you can’t map any others. Look at ol f2 getting the special treatment!

+1 on this feature request: please add these as single press mappable

I would love this feature in combination with the Jump to Link plugin.

If a file is in preview mode then pressing F to call the Jump to Link command would be sufficient.

Just started using Obsidian. As a hardcore keyboard & hotkey user - I’m kind of confused as to why we can’t map specific keys to specific actions, for example any of the F1-F12 keys.

I would understand if there’s a limitation for certain keys, but would be nice if those could be displayed.

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