Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only

Use case or problem:

This is more general request than Use H1 or front-matter title instead of or in addition to filename as display name.

  • Satisfy all personal (including incompatible) preferences expressed in that thread.
  • Display data/metadata most appropriate during given workflow.

Proposed solution:

There could be some “config”/“template” available where user could reorder/delete/add/edit it’s elements to fit it’s needs.

- DisplayText: |
  CONCATENATE( {{Icon}}, " ", OR({{Title}}, RegExReplace({{Content}}, "^[#]+ +(.*)\n", "$1"), {{FileName}}), " ", {{CreationDate}})

By Icon I mean image used to represent a file/node. Could be e.g. SVG or a Photo. It is used e.g. in TheBrain. Icon could be specified in YAML header.

I do not now how computationally expensive is it to prepare/update representation data during runtime.
If it is cheap then it could be available for plugins to be modified, e.g. based on graph zoom level.
So also processing of this request could be managed by a plugin, including suggested template, with interface for non-coders.
And there could be separate setting for each environment

  • GraphViewDisplayText
  • SearchPaneDisplayText
  • PaneHeaderDisplayText
  • NonpipedWikiLinkDisplayText

Headers of panes will need to be complemented by rename-dialogue when they display text different from filename. Or it could be solved by Put note name (editable) in top bar

Current workaround:

Only in search pane: described here (post #54).

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