Allow show folder path in title

For disambiguation purposes allow showing folder path (from the root of the vault) in the title when editing


Maybe it could be done like it’s done in some IDEs (e.g. any intellij IDEs), if there’s only one in the scope, just have Foo in the title. If there’s a/ and b/, then display it as a/Foo and b/Foo.

Could probably have it user-configurable, e.g. ‘show filename only’, ‘always show full path’, ‘show full path when ambiguous’, with third being the default; or something like that.


Configurable sounds good. People can decide what they want to have in the editor

I love this idea — it could also be combined with the ability to change the folder e.g. if the title bar shows Journal / 2020-05-25 then Journal could be clicked to reveal a dropdown that allows you to move the file to another folder.


Another use-case is when using time tracking apps like that relies on the title to figure out what’s going on.


I work with Obsidian now since some days. I think it is great. But I noticed that I start to search in which folder the file is located I am currently editing. the reason is because I wanted to drop images in the same folder. To be able to see the path would be great.

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It would be useful to see the folder path or breadcrumbs for the currently active note. Is there a way to do this? I haven’t found it in the help docs, this forum or the Discord. (I did see it vaguely mentioned once in the Discord.)

I currently have all new notes created in a NEW folder, but every once in awhile I find myself working on a note and I’m like, “Wait, I can’t find this freaking thing. It’s not in the right folder.” I open a few folders, and it’s annoying trying to scroll through to determine whether the note is in that specific folder or not, before moving on and scrolling through the next folder, before… (etc).

My current system makes it pretty clearcut and unambiguous regarding which notes should be in which folders, so right now the real issue is only when a note ends up in what is unambiguously the wrong folder. But, that being said, I wouldn’t mind adding a few more sub-topic folders that could create scenarios where a single note could logically end up in one of several sub-folders. Right now, without breadcrumbs, I’m avoiding doing this, since it’s a pain to identify where a note actually is. (But I do think there are metacognitive advantages to organizing things hierarchically in the folder structure in addition to non-linearly with links. Doing so forces you to organize your own thinking and understand how you yourself are categorizing different topics.)

A related idea would be, in the file explorer, highlighting the folders in which the currently active note appears, right up to the top level. Right now the note title is slightly highlighted if the folder it’s in is already expanded, but if that folder is collapsed, there’s no indication of where the note is.

See also:


See this Allow show folder path in title. It seems like the same thing


Yep, that’s it. Thanks. Upvoted.

I agree that breadcrumb would be nice, it could be located as as option under filenmae (same way as in Visual Studio Code for example)

I’m missing this.

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I usually have 2-3 Vaults open in 2-3 instances of Obsidian parallel. Alt-tabbing from somewhere into Obsidian is a guessing game. Even though I love games, this is less than ideal!


In Windows 7 I have vault name displayed in Alt-tab window (with Obsidian 0.9.20) which should help with this issue if vaults differ by name. (Unfortunately I have all named “ObsidianVault” to be self-descriptive, just in different locations in folder hierarchy.)

in Obsidian we can assign hotkey to command “Copy file path”.
Maybe we could use tools like AutoHotkey to automatically:

  • produce that hotkey,
  • extract path without filename and
  • paste images the that folder

I can’t believe they are taking so long to implement this, must be so easy to do.

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Related feature requests:

@henrique It’s about priorities. Currently there are 1670 open feature requests + 148 bug reports, managed by few core developers. List of implemented and worked-on features is in


In one of my vaults, I have a deeply nested folder structure and seeing the full file path is very important.

I created the Show Current File Path plugin that show the full path of the currently open file (relative to the vault root) in the status bar.

It only works for one file at a time - in case you have multiple panes, the path of the file in focus is displayed. It’s not as great as seeing the path in the file name, but it works for now.


As a newer user of Obsidian, I’ve spent the last week using the app throughout my day. I’m also an active user of and I noticed that the window title didn’t provide as much context, so I reached out to the developer of that app. He offered to help if Obsidian developers wanted to reach out to him for specific guidance on how to provide even more detail for “time tracking” apps like Timing via a special AppleScript event handler.


TimingApp user here - tried GitHub - ravimashru/obsidian-show-file-path: Obsidian plugin to show the file path of the current file in the status bar but it doesn’t help, it adds the path at the bottom line (next to backlinks, words, characters count), but not the title.

Displaying the file name in the window title would help a lot.

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I saw someone using Templater to do this (it should quite easy to achiever for someone knowing js)

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