Show title of Zettelkasten notes in graph view

I would like to be able to see the title of a note not just the ID in the graph view.
My notes are formatted like this

# title


I’d also enjoy this. It is a feature of this VSCode plugin — it labels the node with the first # header it encounters


Agreed, the title of notes has to show in the graph.

For people that use time-based filenames, the graph is of little use right now because it doesn’t tell that much information to see that note 2020-04-13 090645 is related to 2020-04-13 071109. :thinking:

When note titles appear in the graph view then we can also use the full power of the graph view. :slight_smile:


I currently use SublimeText with a Zk plugin.

My notes are in the format: [14 number UID] [space] [Title].

I’d like to use Obsidian for the graphic representation of my Zettelkasten notes, and their connections.

Currently, all I see is the numberful UIDs. Which tells me little.

What I want to see is the word titles, and their connections.

Can this be done, currently?

If not, could it be put in place?

Many thanks!

This is pretty important in the context of having a zettelkasten plugin promoting the usage of the approach, for now what I do is my files are named id-name- this works but results in long names overlapping each other often.

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Bumping this - is there a plugin that achieves this?


I would also like to bump this! Being able to hide untidy file names behind tidy Titles would be very helpful!

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Related feature requests:

(more general - graph-view is one of targeted areas):

customizable version: Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only

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Bump - has there been any update with this/ has anyone got a plugin which achieves this?

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Same here. I’d like to be able to toggle option to view YAML title: in Graph View.

The GitHub - Snezhig/obsidian-front-matter-title: Plugin for plugin may help here