Show first lines of file content in the file browser


I try to use Obsidian as Zettelkasten. But I struggle a little bit. My Zettelfiles as a filename with the 14 Digits of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. And that’s all.

If I import these files in Obsidian as Vault, than I could not see the title of the file from the header. I only see my ID.

Is there a way that the title of the header (yaml Header) of the zettel could be shown in the file browser?

Otherwise I could not scroll through the list of my zettel. If I add the title as filename, than links perhaps broke if I change later the title of the zettel.

Did somebody else have the same issues and has an idea how to handle this?

Thanks in advance

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Obsidian is great here since it automatically updates links in all files when you change the title. Some people still prefer to use the Zettelkasten id but it’s absolutely not necessary with this feature.

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@rmeier This request is one of specific cases to be solved by:

There is also more general/customizable:

@Rishi I do not think it is good idea to start wildly renaming files just because Obsidian can do it.
Relevant discussion: How to efficiently link notes with time-based filenames?

Related request by visualization method, with different use case: Document Spanning

@rmeier: you might have already solved this, but did you know you can hold down ctrl (or cmd on Mac) and hover over the files in the browser to get a quick preview of them?