URL Link Preview Boxes

A feature that would be great is to turn URL into preview boxes like the attached from GitBooks.


Another example is how notion handles links and turns them into preview cards. I think this may be doable with plugins, no?


Great idea!

Much of this metadata is already on most websites using the Open Graph Protocol. For more info see here:

Obsidian could pull this info by fetching the Open Graph Protocol tags. This is how Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp etc. generate previews when you share a URL.

I would love to see someday this feature available as a core feature or as a plugin. I come from Notion and I miss it a lot. The retrieved meta-information + the thumbnail helped me to scan pages with documentation and find exactly the link I was searching for in a visual way.

Related feature requests:

for internal links: Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only

It could be cool if someone with more experience with Obsidian plugins can let us know if is possible to customize this kind of markdown links.

As soon as we know how to do it, we can integrate it with this small React component I coded and it tries to replicate Notion thumbnails:


Hey guys!

Are there any news in that topic? I think rich links could be useful (and I confess that I am not one of those clever guys who can develope that :slight_smile: )


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I’ve created a plugin for this GitHub - dhamaniasad/obsidian-rich-links its being reviewed and hopefully should be available in the community plugins section in a few days!

It’s something I hacked together in a couple hours so I expect there to be rough edges, please test it @nathschlaeger @fcsonline @Wolf @bodega and provide feedback

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