Breadcrumb / path display / list view for "How'd I get here"

That’ exactly what I said: it is the path to the location of your Hypertext Markup Language file.

Whereas breadcrumbs is a trail of web sites or files visited. So, the question is: do you just want the current file’s location to be shown (as e.g. in the Windows/Linux file explorer or in Mac’s Finder) or do you to want your last 5 (or whatever number) file names to be shown?

Sorry for not capturing the idea in your first comment.
The idea would be to present the file structure in a windows/linux context relative to the current file that you’re on.
I was not referring to breadcrumbs to the last X files you visited regardless of the folder structure of your vault, although I can see some use to it.
The plugin could let you choose whether to show breadcrumbs one way or another, depending on personal preference.

Yeah, I like the syntax you’re proposing.
I really don’t mind what the structure is like as long as I can navigate through my files in an easier, more convenient fashion. If the devs decide to implement it one way or another, I don’t mind adapting to the style.

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I second this !
Also maybe a third option as a stand alone plugin with a linear flow chart like in after effect :


+1 for clickable breadcrumbs / file path as in concept 2 (VS Code like)
it should be unobstrusive but easy to navigate

Document Name < Parent Category < Top Category

One reason I would not want the direction to go like that: If you select it to copy the path, it would be preferable to have a file path in the correct order so that you can copy/paste. (For example, to do command-line operations on the file path.)

What if we could have navigation just like in a browser or an undo/redo history in a form of breadcrumb.

Rather than having breadcrumb for the location of the file, with history we could navigate back and forth on recently opened files.

Perhaps this could go as a plugin.


I love the idea of a History plugin! Being able to track which files you opened would be super powerful. Right now the file list allows for sorting by name or edit date, but I could imagine something that works a bit more like the history in a web browser… i.e. showing which files you opened each day. The same file would therefore show up multiple times in this context, if you opened it on multiple different days.

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For the first feature request, there’s an existing one :wink:

For the second part — revisions! Nice idea. I know this can be natively done in macOS (like iA Writer does), so this seems like a not too-far-stretched plugin idea, too.

Have a sidebar pane that displays breadcrumbs between two notes.

So you select note Y and note Z. Then it displays all the different paths between the two notes.

Note Y…Note B…Note C…Note Z

Note Y…Note R…Note D…Note Z



Isn’t this just the graph view but a filtered version of it as described in this feature request?

Not quite. Filtering out everything would make the scope too narrow and you’d lose inbetween connections. Also it isn’t a graph view. It would be its own pane or plugin that shows the breadcrumbs more concisely and compactly.

This would be great if there was a visualization for the path you take from one note to another.

This is also one way we could visualize a timeline graph.

@rigmarole I do not see any incompatibility here.
In order to display title-beginning always in the same position (top left corner), and for reasons described by @rsdimitrov ,
trail will be displayed as suggested by in post #24.
Example: “current ← previous ← preprevious
It will can be clickable in this mode.

But when e.g. entering it for editing, raw text will be in standard address-bar format.
Example: preprevious/previous/current
The “Copy” command returns this too

Here is an illustration from PersonalBrain=TheBrain:

The issue I have had with it: To access older items I had to scroll horizontally for each item. Instead, it should unfold as standard vertical scrollable list over the main area.

Related features and feature requests:

In Obsidian, it should be coupled with pop-up page preview on hover over each item. And with Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only or at least with Use H1 or front-matter title instead of or in addition to filename as display name

For implementation:
It is possible for plugins to display info in status bar as can be seen in some screenshots in
Perhaps it is possible to put there also clickable buttons with file titles.

Combined with graph view:



The OP will be easily solved by Recent Files List Plugin . Now it shows each file just once to satisfy request Compress history for Navigate Back but it would be possible to show full path by suppressing this deduplication.
Ask the plugin author @tgrosinger if you want to add option showing unreduced trail. Then highlighting all occurences of the file under cursor might be desirable (at least within the history list).


YES! I was literally having the same thought the other day. Would love to see something like that on a web application.

By no means it is a full solution for the easy navigation issue, but may be useful workaround:

How to add easy global navigation to your notes (for non-power-users) - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

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Great concept

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