Compress history for Navigate Back

When I switch back and forth between two notes a lot, the Navigate Back keyboard shortcut should be smarter and compress long series of toggling between two things into one.

Assume a, b and c are files, and I did

c a b a b c a b a b a b a b a b a b a b

Currently the back button just goes backwards through the sequence.

I’d like it to compress the sequence to

c a b c a b


This could be done by looking back to the before-the-last entry, and if it is what would be inserted into the back list, just don’t insert it.


Current workaround:

  • Recent Files List Plugin
    • Makes history visible on screen and compresses it completely, i.e. each file is only once in the list.
    • Currently requires mouse/cursor for navigation, hopefully support for keyboard navigation will be added.