Cmd/crtl + shift + T for re-opening last closed note

This hotkey is in my muscle memory as I often use this in browsers for opening the most recently (often accidentally) closed tab.
In Obsidian it is even easier to accidentally close a note than in a browser, as opening a new note closes an unpinned note.


Very True!!


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It could be complemented with a command in palette: “Re-open last closed note”.
It should restore the pane in corresponding position relative to other panes. (I am using Andy mode, I assume applies to normal layout too.)

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I second this, it’s such a useful shortcut in the browser and I also use it all the time.
Currently I use a shortcut for “naviating back” which kind of a achieves a similar effect, if things are split vertically or horizontally, one can still use the “navigate back” command after doing a split.

However I do agree that a dedicated command would be a better user experience

As a novice user, I agree with this feature request. This would be super helpful. :+1:

Obsidian has this feature now in 0.12.16.

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