Ability to download a synced version of entire forum as vault

Use case or problem

Sometimes I would like to browse this forum at 10,000 feet.

Proposed solution

To be able to navigate a graph view in Obsidian showing all topics as notes with posts as chain linked notes, and links as links.

Just a thought. I know it would potentially confuse people if it was not synced. But if it was clear that its purpose was strictly as a novelty exploration tool, perhaps that would not be much of an issue.

Maybe with Publish this is already possible.


Perhaps the forum could be scraped by some plugin. #plugins
(e.g. some Python programmer might know).
Then with Neo4j Graph View Plugin and some search/analysis tools this could be interesting/useful.

I have AutoHotkey function which extracts url from browser, parses it to extract permanent numeric identifier (eliminate potentially changing description) and executes search in Obsidian.
In Obsidian vault I store saved URLs with extracted metadata, interlinked with dependent tasks, use-cases, concepts, keywords, aliases, …
That, together with search within vault and on forum is sufficient for me.
(- from priority perspective in comparison with Customizable interpretation of markdown syntax nuances, like CSS and Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only)


This is part of the reason I spend time on the forum. If I were to read documentation or do a tutorial about 90% of the extra stuff I don’t currently understand, I still wouldn’t get it and would have invested more time and had become more disappointed. But piecing together a little something here and there, I can begin to realize what’s worth looking into and can eventually approach it meaningfully and with a decent picture of what to expect.

And because Obsidian can be used to help organize basically anything, I don’t think it’s possible to go too far off base with these tangents as they will like be more useful for more things than you originally suspect. At least that has been my experience coming here as basically a complete beginner in this category of software 6 months ago.

So thank you to everyone who is kind enough to share these things you know specifically on this forum. Because, I may be wrong, but many of us here probably would not hear about half of this stuff otherwise.

I like to see that code, seems very handy. looking for any AutoHotKey + Obsidian material. There some good stuff for Alfred + Obsidian, but sadly it’s limited to MAC.