12 Principles For Using Zettelkasten

What are the basic principles, when working with a Zettelkasten? Here are some of my answers:

  1. Start with a clear goal
    Determine what you want to achieve with your Zettelkasten and use this to guide your note-taking and organization.
  2. Use templates
    Consistently use a consistent format for your notes to make them easy to read and navigate.
  3. Make connections
    Link related notes together to create a web of interconnected ideas.
  4. Use tags
    Use tags to categorize and organize your notes and make it easier to find related information.
  5. Use for creative thinking
    Allow the connections between your notes to spark new ideas and facilitate creative thinking.
  6. Review and revise
    Regularly review and revise your notes to ensure they are up to date and accurate.
  7. Keep up to date
    Consistently add new notes and make connections between them to keep your Zettelkasten current and valuable.
  8. Inspect and adapt
    Continually evaluate and refine the organization and use of your Zettelkasten in order to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency.
  9. Use for learning
    Use your Zettelkasten to capture and organize new information as you learn, and to facilitate lifelong learning.
  10. Encourage collaboration
    Invite others to contribute to and review your Zettelkasten to facilitate collaboration and shared learning.
  11. Support your work
    Use your Zettelkasten as a tool to support and enhance your work, whether that’s writing, research, or something else.
  12. Have fun
    Enjoy the process of building and using your Zettelkasten!

Which principles do you miss and should be added? Which are not so important?