How to use Zettelkasten Analytics?

Just a timeline of notes created in different folders. What is it like watching your Zettelkasten grow up?

For me it is rewarding because seeing my Zettelkasten grow is seeing the fruits of my labor. But, it also makes me aware of time and the passage of time and what a short season lifetime is.

What’s your preferred data analytics for using Zettelkasten? Which tools are you using?


Hi @Edmund, it looks beautiful. I’ve been using a Zettelkasten system for some time, but had not heard of a plugin to analyse the number of notes in it over time. How did you do it?

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Thank you for your feedback. I also would like to use a plug-in. It’s really missing. So I had to count my files on my hard disk in the separated folders. But I’m sure there will be a better option. :wink:

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Woh, you counted all of it and plotted by day! Too tedious for me. Yeah, perhaps someday someone will come up with a plugin :crossed_fingers:

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I just started creating a proper Zettelkasten a few months ago, and I wanted to do exactly this: graph the growth of my “database” over time. I use the Dataview and Obsidian Charts plugins to accomplish this. It’s not as pretty as Edmund’s illustration, but it is useful:

The table at the top is notes created in the last day, things I’m currently thinking about (although this is flexible, sometimes I like to see a couple of days at a time). I use this for reviewing and building on current ideas.

Then the first graph is notes created per day, and the second graph is notes created over time, followed by a total. It’s simple, but it’s motivating to see it grow. This works better for me to watch growth than the graph view, I find the graph view a bit too chaotic for that.

I don’t distinguish between fleeting and permanent notes: I keep my fleeting notes in a separate folder, and I try to empty that folder at the end of every day. My goal is to never wait more than a day or two before refactoring a fleeting note into permanent ones, so that I don’t lose the original idea.

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