Tab to Autocomplete path parts in Quick Switcher and move file

I’m actually so happy right now that, I not just found a thread about exactly my problem, I found a post, that in the cleanest style expresses exactly how i want the problem to be solved. I even have a folder called “software”, :sob: i feel so understood.

Big fan. Ty.


Hello, I find the way of creating files inside folders with the structure <folder>/<subfolder>/<file> very useful, but when I want to create a file in a specific folder (not necessary the same folder) I have to type the whole route or (if I have the option activated) navigate to the folder and then create it.

It would be nice to be able to create files in folder just typing the folder, selecting from the list and press tab to autocomplete the input with the route of the selected file, and then replace the name of the file used to autocomplete for the name of the new file.

What do you think? I think it can make the process easier and faster, don’t you?

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I suggest a global setting that says “Show Folders in Autocomplete” as a solution. This setting should make folder names searchable, visually distinct and change the “Enter” behavior when selecting folders. Make it so that when you press Enter on a folder, the full folder path gets inserted and the cursor stays at the end of the path (instead of jumping to after the bracket). Demonstration:

Existing Path: Information / Notes / Podcasts / Huberman /

Expected output when selecting “Podcasts” and pressing Enter:

Expected output when selecting “Meditation” and pressing Enter:

This does not reduce functionality and makes it easier to add folders and sort files on the go.

A Redditor has posted a partial workaround. Unfortunately, the workaround does not address if you want to CREATE a new folder in-line. Reddit - Dive into anything


Just registered to THANK YOU A TON! :slight_smile: :heart:

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This is exactly what I have been looking for as well. Would very much improve QoL using Obsidian since I use nested folders. Without this creating notes from the quick switcher is not useful at all, unfortunately.


How do I upvote for this?

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For consolidation purposes, there is a clear appetite for improved file creation as a core feature, based on the following related help requests and feature requests:


I was just about to create this again, as a tool to open a note in a folder of my choice.

I think the logic can wastly simplified though, and still be very useful. I imagine doing a search, and when hitting the Tab key it autocompletes either to the full folder (or the full path) of the entry which is highlighted. This would allow for us to do fuzzy searches for the folder, and get the completion right away.

So please implement this soon! :smiley:


Thank you so much for such a detailed writeup. Explains it perfectly (and I want it in Obsidian dearly)

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(actually I do)

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Please implement; this feature is just too important. Otherwise moving images from “lo/oo/oo/ng/path1/assets” to a currently nonexistent “lo/oo/oo/ng/path2/assets” would be painful, since we cannot reveal the folder “lo/oo/oo/ng/path2” directly from the quick switcher either (the only way to reveal it is to manually expand at every level in the Files side panel), which is yet another gripe I have.

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I registered on the forum just to support this.
The deeper the folder nesting, the more difficult and painful the process of creating a new note becomes. I truly hope to see this addressed and implemented.

can use OCR to recognize text and then paste the result. It’s very quick when combined with OCR shortcuts (I use Bob).

This is just a temporary solution; i still hope for an official update to include this feature.

I’m not sure I follow. How do you use OCR to tab complete folders in path?

+1 to this FR. Pretty please? Maybe a plugin… though I don’t want too many of those…

will be implemented in v1.6.0. No ETAs.


Thanks @WhiteNoise!

Do you happen to know if that’ll carry over to the (fuzzy?) suggester modal(s) available in the Obsidian API?