How can I create a new note in the current folder with bracket linking?


Lets say I am writing a note that is in “sketches” and I want to createa new note in the current “sketches” folder and link to it using the bracket linking [[tests_ideas]] This would create the note in the default place, but I want that to be in the folder of the current not I am referencing it from. The issue is that I do not want to try to get the location or type the whole path since that really kills the flow. Does anyone know an easy flow going method to achieve what I need?

You can change the default location to “same folder as current note” in Settings > Files & Links.

Otherwise there isn’t a way that I know of. Here are some options that I think don’t meet your “flow” requirement:

  • move the note after you create it
  • run “Reveal current file in navigation” in command palette (there’s a plugin that makes this a button), then right-click the folder and create the note
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Thanks, I already have to use the default notes option for my default notes. So changing that would not be a viable option for me because it is nice to have that for the stuff. Other options are flow killers, unfortunately. Maybe someone will know a plugin or to try for this.

Actually, it’s probably possible via the Templater community plugin, with the template bound to a hotkey (I don’t use Templater so can’t provide details). (The Templates core plugin doesn’t can’t do it.)

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Which is your default option currently?

If most of your notes are within the root folder, and that is the active folder when you create a note it’ll be created in that folder. And if you decide to move into some other folder, and have the active note there it’ll be created within that folder given the setting of sakte as current folder (which was described in an earlier post).

I’m doing all of my notes like that, both in my test vault with one folder for each reply, and in my main vault where must files reside in the root folder except for daily notes which are created using Templater. I can’t remember the last time I needed to move a file with this setup, and my flow isn’t interrupted when working in either vault.

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The default option is to create the new notes in a particular folder which then I organize later in the day.

I have like 8k+ notes and many folders. Mingling with folder paths and moving is not really a nice option to pursue for me, by the time I find the current path etc I am already loosing my flow. The point is to make this frictionless.

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