When moving to another folder, autocomplete suggestion on tab press

Use case or problem

I use the quick command menu to move the current file to a folder, like Folder/Subfolder/SubSubFolder. If I have many subfolders, it is cumbersome to navigate with the arrows until I reach the expected subfolder, or to write the whole thing down.

Proposed solution

As i search, the fuzzy search already shows matching options. I could select Folder as I type “Fo”, press TAB to fill in the search “Folder”, add after that “/Su”, then press TAB again to fill in “Folder/Subfolder”, type in “/SubSu” and by this point the suggestion is already at the right subfolder and I press ENTER. Tab should fill in the current suggestion, just as it does while I am adding an internal link, where I press TAB and then add the # symbol to point to a header inside the destination note.