Option to create Zettelkasten notes in same directory as current note

For normal notes it is possible to specify the folder of new notes as root, a specific folder, or the same folder as the current file. It would be nice if this was also possible for notes created by the Zettelkasten plugin. This would allow a kind of mixed approach with basic structure through folders and more advanced through the links between notes, index cards and similar.


Even though I can have a new blank note created in whatever folder I’m active in, the same cannot be said for the zettelkasten note feature. I click on it and it always takes me to the main folder.

I suppose this is not necessarily a bug, but maybe it just wasn’t talked about, so this is my request to include the ZK note feature to open in whatever folder I’m active in.

The ZK Plugin appears to create new notes in either the root folder or in a hard-specified folder that is specified in the plugin settings. There appears to be no way to create a new ZK note in the current folder.

Is there a way to tell the plugin to create new notes in the current folder?