Create new note into selected folder

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Use case or problem

when I create a not it is always created in the root, but not in the folder I’m working on at that time. Therefore I have to move it as well. Why not creating a not at the location you are working

Proposed solution

Current workaround (optional)

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Hi @Remco, you can set the “Default location for new notes” option to “Same folder as current file”

Also,if you right-click on the folder you want and choose New note, it will be created in that same folder


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You can define, in the settings, where new notes should be saved. If you chose your current folder as default location, any new note will be created in the folder you are currently working on.

I don’t think an option is saving to currently selected folder. The only option is “Same folder as current file”. If I don’t have a file open, but I’ve selected a folder in file explorer, I’d like the keyboard shortcut to create a new note to create it in that folder.