Let plugins register a destination for "New Note"

Hi, it would be awesome if the “New Note” function could hook up to the plugin to ask how to make a new note. We have some plugins that create notes like the KanBan view, the Excalidraw plugin, etc. Every KanBan card creates a note with a pre-set template (if enabled) so it would be awesome if my note that I create ends up on that kanban board, or I can start a new Excalidraw note right away.

The reason why I think this is valuable, is for several reasons.

  1. When on the go on mobile, and I have a thought I press “New Note” but it has no relation to the view it needs to be in. It might be a quote, it might be a drawing, it might be a card on my projects KanBan view, or an idea on my art KanBan. As you can see there are multiple ways to let a note land, and letting a plugin opt-in (per view? or global) to be shown in the “New Note” option. A subselection of all plugins that can offer that can also be useful so it’s not showing an overwhelming list of options (per workspace?). Of course in the vault settings the user controls which New Note actions are visible if offered, or maybe pinned like the Quick Actions.
  2. When there are multiple views of the same plugin (like KanBan has) the chance of clutter increases (no clear destination) and becomes a mental burden to keep organizing. For example; New books to read, new ideas, new source notes, new quotes, new projects, etc. Letting it land as a regular (blank) note, template it and reassign it to a new location or manually add it to the view that supports it can become tedious. This way the collection process is more streamlined.
  3. It might enable "Share To"on mobile when Obsidian accepts this content and let let you select based upon the content what plugin can do something with that data.

I come from Evernote where everything is just a note, I tried Notion which also is cumbersome where I need to select the database view to move that new note in when I am just creating it. Having it land in a few pre-selected places according to what it is, might be super powerful.

Maybe for later, if the plugin requires more input maybe the parameters might be pre-set. In case of KanBan plugin (my favorite view by far) the New Note dialog might also show the column name after selecting the proper board.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:
Edit - less brainstorming, more grammar