Hotkey to open context menu in File Explorer

Use case or problem

Using the new ability to navigate the File Explorer pane with the up and down arrow keys is so amazing. I also love that you can use left and right to fold and unfold folders. But, in order to trigger the right click context menu you need to leave the keyboard.

Proposed solution

Preferably, I would love to be able to set an easy hotkey to trigger the context menu. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind letting Shift+F10 also work, but definitely think the hotkey capability is key.

Current workaround (optional)

Press Enter to open the note, then use a hotkey to trigger the required command. However, this still does not address cases where, for example, a folder is highlighted and you want to create a new note within.

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I second this. I’m trying to go keyboard-only as much as possible, but I still use the file explorer for some things, and this functionality would really help.

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Yes, I would like this as well. +1.

Would love to be able to select folders and then the top menu items (new folder/file) apply to that particular folder

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