Open file automatically in accord to file explorer focus using keyboard navigation

Now when file explorer can have a focus (0.15.6.) and can be navigated by keyboard (kudos for that!), I believe that when we go through the files in explorer using keyboard, active pane should reflect that and automatically switch to each file which is in focus of navigation (in the explorer)

It is expected behavior, used in majority in word processors/PKM apps (like Notes, Bear, Notational Velocity, DevonThink, Scrivener etc).

Current behavior (no change of the file in active view) is more similar to functions of coding text processors (Visual Studio Code etc). There you first have to navigate to the desirable file and then to press Enter to view it - because programmers would often want to do something else with files than just to open it (rename it, move it, view file info…)

It is of course matter of opinion and conceptual view of Obsidian, but I consider it to be much similar to other PKM apps. I believe that primary function of file navigation (in 99.9% cases) is just to see the content - to open the file. That is why I would prefer to view each file through which I navigate in File Explorer immediately, without need to press Enter (and need to refocus the file explorer again after opening). That would speed navigation (searching/orientation in files) up a lot.