Note list view with fragments of note body

I’ve used Obsidian a couple of weeks and decided to switch permanently from other note programs. And I like Obsidian a lot, it’s amazing!

When switching and migrating over notes, I ran into a problem where lot of my notes were beginning with a date or some numbers. In the filetree of Obsidian, it is very difficult to have an overview of my notes. It looks like this:

The user experience would profit a lot if some fragments are visible in a note list beside the file tree like this:

So it’s a ‘overview list’, next to the ‘file tree list’. Clicking on the overview list makes the note appear next to the ‘overview list’.

I tried folder note, but it looks like it’s meant for another function. Clicking on a note in folder note list replaces the view of the list with a note. And some titles are not clickable (folder titles)

Hope I explained it clearly and keep up the good work with Obsidian!

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Adding at least a text summary (first line of note’s text content with Markdown formatting stripped) would already significantly improve file navigation and search (here iA Writer example):

Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 17.29.31

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I tried something with aiden lx folder note:

It has more settings added on an original folder note plugin. It can help a bit with previewing notes.
Not the solution I was looking for yet, but maybe it can help someone else.

Are there more plugins like this or are there some other plugins in the works which can preview notes in a list like in the examples in the previous posts?